ItmeBOT is a bot that helps keeps the idoits out of Twitch Chat and provide automation to help run a Twitch Channel (mainly #itmejp)
Its a C# powered bot with a sprinkling of other langages to help tie things together
It's job sounds pretty simple, but it has some hard problems to deal with, such as spam bots changing up their spamming patterns.
So while it sits in the background answering your !commands it also monitors over 5000 of the top Twitch channels in read only mode looking for and learning from spam patterns to banish spammers before they even get to the channels it protects. lovingly referred to by chatters as NSABot.
Some still slip though the net, but its getting better all the time.
Note: that feature is actually named BotHunter as thats its job, it hunts bots, But the name given to it by chat does have a nice ring to it.
It powers the !commands, message filtering, timed messages, a link shorterner, Provides mod tools to help log and track other mod actions to help keep everyone on the same level.
It also powers the logic that can give Patreons access to content their pledge unlocks.
More features are already in the works such as handling notifications of new and continued pledges via patreon. But I'm always open to ideas.
If itmebot is so good, why the crappy home page? A: Because I'm pretty much working on Bot and most of its features are behind login systems :-) I'll make something more visually appealing when I can.
ItmeBOT is written by Dan (Aka Crosseye Jack) - any problems or questions about ItmeBOT or wish to have bot added to your channel and help it learn please get in touch at
The Sub Notice board can be found here and the MP3 download system for Patreons can be found here